Must-Have Restaurant Equipment

Are you planning on starting a restaurant business, or you feel something is missing amongst your culinary utensils? Here is a complete checklist to ensure you run an efficient and economical restaurant business in this age and time.

1. Freezers and Refrigerators

Freezers and refrigerators are necessary to preserve your perishables. Besides, consider the size of your restaurant before purchasing this equipment. A large restaurant requires chest freezers and walk-in coolers.

2. Tableware

Tablewares are essential equipment for your restaurant. Without trays, servers cannot transport food nor drinks to your customers. Cutlery also ensures that patrons can comfortably consume their meals. You’ll be needing bowls, cups, plates, glasses, and napkins, ramekins to provide a perfect service.
Moreover, to determine the quantity of tableware you’ll need, evaluate the numbers of tables you have in your restaurants or estimate the number of guests you hope to serve every night. However, If you already have some of this equipment, infer how many of them you need to purchase to ensure customers don’t have to wait for another before they get served.

Endeavor to get extra tableware because of breakage incidences.

3. Slicers

Slicers are necessary for chopping cheese, meat, and various food elements with promptness and accuracy. To know the ideal slicer to purchase for your restaurant, assess its usage regularly in your kitchen and how you can utilize it.

Purchase a manual slicer if you typically slice only a little amount of ingredient or edibles, and occasionally too. Contrarily, purchase electric slicers if you need to cut more often with accuracy also. Electric slicer helps to conserve time and energy.

4. Shelving and Storage Racks

A restaurant without storage racks and shelves is like a chaotic office. These items will help meet your storage needs for all kitchen equipment and goods. Considering the construction of a storage rack, it’ll save you space while enabling the staff to move quickly within the kitchen and ensuring accessibility and organization.

Moreover, keep occasionally used items at the top or base of the storage racks while the most-used elements are within reach.

5. Cutting and Countertops

Commercial restaurants depend on countertops to serve as their workspace. When opting for countertops, you need to consider the material used and the size of your kitchen. We advise you to select the type made of stainless steel cause of its numerous benefits for commercial settings like a restaurant.

A stainless-steel countertop is shiny, easy to clean, durable, disinfect, resistant to stain, rust, corrosion, heat and easily installed.

6. Cooking Utensils

The food on your menu list will determine the cooking utensils for your restaurants. However, we recommend that you get varieties of pots, tasting spoons, sheet pans, ladles, whisks, sauté pans, bowls, mixing spoons, bench scrapers, and squeeze bottles.

Embark on personal research to determine more of what you’ll be needing in your restaurant kitchen cause many factors like cuisine, the number of diners, and culture may play a role.

7. Operational Device

Since we’re in the technology era, you shouldn’t run your business manually, especially when there are better options. Devices like the credit-card machine, POS system, restaurant management systems machine, cash-registers should be in place. They’ll help your restaurant with effective management of inventory, analysis, and customer relationships.

8. Water Purification System

By purchasing a water purification system for your restaurant, you’ll be ensuring high-quality water for customers. Your restaurant will boast of spotless dishes and glasses, thus boosting customer satisfaction, lessen maintenance costs, chemical expenses, and utility detergents.

For the limitations of water supply alternatives during natural disasters, get water purification tablets for your restaurants’ emergencies. It will help fight waterborne illnesses, typhoid, cholera, and dysentery, eliminate the odor of treated water, and improve the taste.

9. Front-of-House Equipment

Front-of-House equipment is items that are present on the floor or dining territory of a restaurant. Typically include tables and chairs, glassware, salt and pepper shakers, table cloths and napkins, condiment dispensers, menu boards, and silverware.
You’ll also be needing components related to your restaurant’s specialty. Ensure to make your front-of-house equipment presentable, user-friendly, and functioning since customers will be accessing this equipment.

10. Safety Equipment

No doubt, a restaurant needs safety equipment, especially for the kitchen where dangerous elements such as knives, gas, and fire are useful.

Get fire extinguishers and a complete medical emergency kit or first aid box for medical emergencies. Furthermore, get rubber floor mats to prevent injury in the kitchen and some non-slip shoes for your workers as part of their staff wears.

Purchasing all of these necessities will help you run an efficient and successful restaurant.


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