6 Most Iconic Restaurant Foods in America

Iconic restaurant foods have been on the menu for a long and have managed to still lure more 21st-century food-connoisseurs into becoming a fan of their unique tastes.

Canlis Salad by Canlis 

The simple but refined Canlis salad originated from the famous Canlis restaurant in Seattle – all thanks to Peter Canlis. It’s a phenomenal American dish whose perfect recipe has graced the New York Times for the sake of its worth. The best part of this tossed salad may be the romaine lettuce. But that’s not all; when you taste the excellent blend of fresh mint and oregano, coddled egg vinaigrette, and romano cheese, you’d understand why this cuisine has been a tradition on the menu of many Americans since 1950.

Cheeseburger by Husk 

Yummy, inviting, and iconic; Cheeseburger by Husk restaurant has enough ingredients attracting Americans to the Charleston restaurant. Although the drive-in, Sean, the founder, was accustomed to as a child inspired his recipes, he has successfully added his magic to make the snack a delight of his fellow Americans. With few cups of Duke’s mayonnaise, bread-and-butter pickles combined with Benton’s bacon, fresh boneless chuck roast, fresh flank steak, white onion, American cheese, Sean’s cheeseburger was bound to be an American culinary hit.

Barbecue Plate by Franklin Barbecue

In 2009, Texas barbecue master, Franklin, along with his spouse, Stacey, had the brilliant idea of flipping beef, brisket, ribs, turkey on their grill until they’re seared and flavored to perfection. Thankfully, it paid off to the point they started a well-known restaurant in America where barbecue wonders happen seamlessly.

Franklin Barbecue has phenomenal recipes so much so interested chefs and food connoisseurs study how the founder arrives at his beef choices to get the irresistible barbeque taste he made famous. Another intriguing factor is the ultimate cooking utensil he uses to derive the perfect Franklin barbeque flavor.

Barbecue plate is a must-have on the American menu cause the crowd trouping into Franklin Barbeque restaurants aren’t doing so for the wine, Mexican coke, nor craft beers on the menu but for the famous barbeque that is gotten in Auxin, Texas, and at the Franklin barbecue restaurant alone.

Breaded Pork Tenderloin by Nick’s Kitchen

There may be other variants of Breaded Pork Tenderloin, like the grilled pork loin, but there’s nothing like the midwestern meal which originated from Nick’s restaurant. The story and recipe for Breaded Pork Tenderloin, for short, BPT isn’t only famous in Indiana, Iowa, or Illinois but across these borders for many reasons. One is that pork loin is the main recipe for the dish, and another is it’s deep-fried, unlike the typical pan-fried technique Americans used in making their sandwiches.

To prepare BPT yourself, get your pork loin in thin slices using your meat mallet. Immerse the meat in eggs, smoothened saltine crackers, breadcrumbs, or flour. Then deep fry it in oil. When you’re done cooking, get a hamburger bun to serve. Finally, serve your sandwich with condiments like mayonnaise, ketchup, or onions. You can take things further by keeping some French fries next to your sandwich.

Classic Chili, by Barney’s Beanery

Call it a California love; old school American idols were addicts to the classic chili of Barney’s Beanery. Since the opening of this legendary restaurant in 1920, the iconic dish hasn’t been one to back down from the menu of most American restaurants. The chilies for this age-old dish have since evolved from the classic to the Texas-style, veggie, fireman, and turkey chilies. But then, the classic chili remains a classic even outside of Barney’s Beanery in Los Angeles, California.

Nashville Hot Chicken by Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack

Nashvillians yearn for nothing as much as the local specialty of Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack. Not even the other hot chickens modified by skilled chefs have been able to give that of Prince’s a run.  

Indeed, Cayenne pepper, one of the secret ingredients, took this dish to another level. And by getting your chicken ready, preferably the thigh, wings, or breast, you’re on your way to singing its praise just like the many Nashvillians singers who have popularized the dish via their songs.

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